Emilia Bloodwood Botanica Noosa Florist

About us.

Bloodwood Botanica is the combined efforts of Emilia Spencer-Brown & Elliot Stokes.

Emilia is the creative head of the team, her work stems from a deep love of nature and art. She uses these influences to transform your essence into the language of flowers.

Specialising in wild & sculptural Floral Styling as well as sustainable Plant based Artworks, all pieces are inspired by the harmonious dance that occurs in nature. 

Elliot is the rock to reality, he handles logistics and keeps everything running smoothly while creating an all around feeling of calm. 

Sustainability is intrinsically linked to everything that we do. We make it our mission to source local botanical materials wherever possible, use seasonal blooms, compost green waste as well as choosing sundry materials that have a low environmental impact.

Now we'd like to hear all about you! So get in touch and we look forward to catching up. 


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